Shared Commenting
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Shared Commenting

In Spring 2013, I worked on a


In Spring 2013, I worked on a project on collaboration and shared commenting. “Review and approve” workflows were commonly used in Acrobat but the experience was outdated, slow and complex. With the evolution of, this was an opportunity for us to take a step back, understand the workflow and design a solution for the modern world focusing on the web and mobile experiences.

I helped conduct user interviews to collect qualitative data to derive insights on what some MVP’s would be for a quick prototype. I then fleshed out designs and after several rounds of iterations with key stakeholders, I produced detailed specs for the engineering team to implement. As the first versions of the product were being built, I was responsible for the front-end code and specifically the CSS. I ensured that the end product matched the visual specs.

My role: Designer, Researcher, Developer